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NFC has undertaken numbers of engineering contracting and resource investment projects in Southeast Asian countries. In Vietnam, NFC constructed the governmental cooperation project, Sin-Quyen cooper complex, which produced Vietnam’s first batch of cooper. In Laos, NFC owns 726 km2 of exploration rights in Champasak, with proved bauxite reserve of 200 mt In Indonesia, NFC has signed strategic cooperation agreement with PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk(BRMS) as EPC contractor in Dairi project, undertaking project design, procurement and construction, as well as assisting BRMS acquiring project financing.


  • ( 1 ) Sin-Quyen copper complex project in Vietnam

    Vietnam Sin-Quyen copper mining and concentrating project is designed with the capacity of 1.1 mt/a of ore mining and 40kt/a copper concentration and 110kt/a iron ore concentration. NFC undertook the design, equipment procurement, construction and erection technical supervision as well as commissioning.

  • CPV General Secretary Nong Duc Manh (front, R4) visited Sin-Quyen project
  • ( 2 ) Tangloong Copper Smelter Project in Vietnam

    In constructing Vietnam Tangloong Copper Smelter, for the first time China introduced its patented technology of oxygen-rich bottom blowing furnacing abroad, and NFC undertook engineering design, equipment procurement, technical supervision of construction and installation, as well as commissioning.

  • Vietnam Premier Nguyễn Tấn Dũng attended Tangloong copper smelter cutting-ribbon ceremony
  • CPV General Secretary Nguyễn Phú Trọng visited Tangloong copper smelter project
  • (3) Dairi Zinc-Lead Mine Project in Indonesia Agreement signing ceremony

    Dairi Zinc-Lead Mine  in Indonesia is one of the few undeveloped large-scale and high-grade lead-zinc resources in the world. NFC and PT Dairi Prima Mineral(DPM) has signed EPC contract for the Project and signed framework offtake agreement of concentrate.

  • Dairi Zinc-Lead Mine Project Site camps
  • Dairi Zinc-Lead Mine Rock core store
  • (4) Paksong Bauxile Mine,Laos——Project contract signing ceremony

    In Laos, NFC owns 726 km2 of exploration rights in Champasak Province, with proved bauxite reserve of 200 mt, average grade of 60% in the ore, and Al-Si ratio around 12.

  • Vista of Paksong Bauxile Mine, Laos
  • Paksong Bauxile Mine Exploration site